Our Products

Beam and Block Flooring

CBS Precast’s Beam & Block provides a cost effective and easily installed floor system which can be used on both ground and upper floors, subject to Building Regulations.

Insulated Beam Flooring

Our Insulated Beams provide a simple and highly efficient, thermally insulated floor. It can be installed on ground floors and offers a cost effective solution which can have a flexible “U” value performance depending on the floor layout and the thermal requirements.

Hollowcore Flooring

Due to its comparatively light weight and superior strength qualities over long spans, Hollowcore is an ideal product for use in both domestic and commercial applications, providing excellent sound insulation properties.

Stairs and Landings

Precast Concrete Stair Units can be manufactured in a multitude of designs for both domestic and commercial purposes.  Custom made and manufactured to a high quality, precast concrete stairs and landings provide an immediate and safe access between lower and upper floors, and are quickly installed.

General Bespoke Precast

We can offer other General Bespoke Precast products such as, Terrace Units, Lift Shafts and Ground Beams. These can be made to your requirements by our design department and then installed by our highly experienced team.

Precast Accessories


Precast Accessories

CBS Precast are also pleased to offer alternative flooring and precast concrete solutions.  Steel Hangers and butt plates can be designed and manufactured for trimming around large voids.