Twin Walling

A Twin Walling System consists of two skins of 65mm thick precast concrete connected with a framework of steel lattice girder.

These units are manufactured to a very high quality and are comparatively light, as the two skins are separated by a cavity.

It is an extremely adaptable walling system which combines the speed and quality of precast concrete with the structural and waterproof reliability of a continuously poured insitu concrete structure.

Precast Concrete Twin Walling System Installation

Each unit is temporarily propped during installation and fixed together with additional steel.  Concrete is then poured between the two leaves which when cured (approximately 8 hours) forms a monolithic structure.

Twin walling system may be used from basement retaining wall construction to high rise superstructures and provides rapid construction times.

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Technical Information

Please note that the Technical Information diagrams shown herewith should be taken as indicative only.  Manufacturing processes may vary according to the design and purpose of the flooring required.

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twin walling twin walling

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